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New Phone System Station Features

Alphanumeric Display:  adds the capability of performing telephone features thru the display of the telephone, allows your end users to see who is calling in with Caller ID.

Background Music:  adds the capability to play music thru the telephone provided thru the telephone speaker.

Barge In :  allows one to listen in on a call,  lets say for training purposes.  A loud beep tone will sound when a call is being barged.  Feature must be enabled in Class of Service.

Call Forwarding:  allows an associate to forward a call to an extension or off-site to a Cell phone when not available at desk.

Call Timer:  allows a user to time a call, lets say to see how long one has been waiting on hold.

Call Waiting / Camp On:  adds the ability to let a user to know that a call is waiting.

Centrix Compatible:  allows a station phone to work with phone features provided by telco service provider.

Class of Service:  allows telephone system administrators the ability to allow and disallow users features and privileges associated with the phone system.

Conference Calling:  allows users to place calls and have other users and incoming calls the ability to join in on a telephone conversation.

Direct Station selection:  allows users the ability to connect or transfer a call to another user on the phone system network with the touch of one button.

Do not Disturb:  allows users the ability to not allow incoming calls of any kind with the touch of one button.

Flash Key:  allow users to perform Centrex features provided thru capabilities that require a hook flash.

Headset Capable:  Allows users to add an optional headset.

Call Hold:  allows users to place calls on hold either system wide or to a users telephone.

Intercom:  allows users to call other extensions on the phone system network and communicate with one another.

Message Waiting:  a message waiting lamp alerts users of a new incoming message waiting.

Microphone Mute:  allows users to momentarily  disable the microphone on the telephone while conversations are held in that particular office.

Off-Hook Signaling:  allows attendants or operators to signal users on a telephone call another call has arrived that might be more important.

One Touch Keys:  allow users the capability to call other extensions, place outbound calls, or turn off and on functions of the phone system.

Paging / Public Address Allows users and operators to page extensions, a group of extensions, or all extensions on the telephone network with a proprietary speaker telephone.

Soft Keys:  located below the display on the top of the telephone allows users to perform the functions of the phone system thru the display with the soft keys located below the display.

Speed Dial:  thru system wide or personal speed dials a user can program speed dial buttons on a telephone that allow users to quickly dial frequently used phone numbers.

Transfer Calls:  allows users to transfer calls to other extensions or to off-premise phones such as Cell Phones.

Volume and Contrast Controls:  allows users to adjust the volume of  the speaker phone and background music and adjust the contrast of the display on display telephones.



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New Phone System Station Features