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Account Codes: allows your company to issue employees a 4 digit code to access phone lines to make long distance calls.  When coupled with call accounting software your company will have a complete log on who made what outbound long distance phone calls.

Automated Attendant:  allows incoming calls to be directed to their destination with out human assistance.  We recommend: have the automated attendant answer unanswered calls after 4 to 5 rings that way if no one can answer the phone call the automated attendant can route the caller to their destination.  A day and a night greeting can be set so you will never have to put your phone system into night mode.  Kind if a set it and forget it type deal.  Voice Mail Required.

Caller ID:  allows telephone system users to see who is calling in when information is available.  Must have caller ID service available from telco service provider.

Call Logging:  Allows telephone system users to keep a of past incoming calls.  Must have caller ID service available from telco service provider.

Direct Inward Line:  incoming lines can be directed straight to an extension and extensions mail box with out going thru the company directory.

Door Box:  instead of a door bell your company can take advantage of a door phone to verify who and speak with people directly who want to gain entrance to your facility. 

Door Striker:  allows your associates to open the door to your facility from a proprietary telephone.

Group Rings:  allows you to associate extensions to a group of telephones.  Example you can assign 5 phones to the accounting department ring group and when some one wants to contact the accounting department all they have to do is dial the accounting department ring group number all telephones in the ring group will ring.  A mail box can also be associated with a ring group with a flashing function key to alert users of a message.

Music on Hold:  allows your company to provide music or messages about your company to be played while incoming callers are on hold.

Names for Extensions and Trunks:  you can associate a name for an extension so when an associate calls another associates extension the name of the extension will appear in the telephone's display.  You can also associate with an incoming line for phone systems with 2 or more companies the name of the incoming line will appear when a call comes in.

Night Service:  allows you to put your system into night mode by simply pressing a button.

Off Premise Extension:  allows you to forward an extension to an off-site extension so when an extension is reached the phone system will seize an available outside line and place a call to the pre-configured destination.

Single Line Telephones:  allows the capability of using analog telephones at significant savings.  The Vodavi 2800 series single line telephones can be used as fully functional end user telephones with a message waiting light at a fraction of the cost.

System Speed Dials:  Up to 1000 system speed dials can be programmed for frequently called phone numbers and venders.

T1 Interface:  allows the capability to have 24 incoming lines thru a Telco provided T1 interface line.

Voice Mail Capability:  allows each user to have the capability to have individual voice mail boxes, the capability of an automated attendant, and notification of voice mail.

Some features may be optional , not applicable to all systems or require additional equipment. Some federal and state laws require notification or require consent from all parties prior to recording a telephone conversation.  The information contained herein is subject to change without notice at the sole discretion of EZ System Sales.  All trademarks are property of their respective owners.



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