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Small Business Telephone System - Service & Monthly Costs

New Phone System - Service & Monthly Costs

Their are No Monthly Chargers From E System Sales, Inc.
Although financing is available call 800 619 9566

Do Not Pay More Than $50 a Month for Phone Service.

The small business phone system service monthly costs are from the phone company.  Depending on your company's long distance call volume.  Monthly costs can be as high as $50.00 a month with an unlimited calling plan, that is if your company or business makes a lot of long distance calls.  A sales team that makes a lot of long distance phone calls.  For most business and some sales teams it might be best to have a third party long distance service provider with a per minute plan as you will have to make a lot of outbound long distance phone calls to justify a flat rate long distance plan.  You can call your service provider and have the representative analyze your bill to see what the most cost effective billing rate is for you.

Voice Over IP Phone Lines

Your company or business can also save money with 1 or 2 Voice Over IP phone lines as most charge $20 a month for long distance calls to Canada and Porte Rico.  You will need a Broadband DSL or Cable internet connection with a good speed rating.  To check your internet connection go to and check your internet connection speed.  Your will need ad least 800 K down and 384k up to support one VOIP call at a time.

No More Dedicated Fax Line

With a provided incoming faxing service for $4.00 a month your company can eliminate your need for a fax line depending on your outbound faxing. Send your outbound faxes through a fax machine directly connected to your phone system.  We have a faxing service provider that will assign you a local number in your area to give out as your new fax numbers.  When you receive a fax through this service it can be configured to route to 2 email addresses saving you the cost of a whole incoming line or making your existing fax line use full as an additional phone line.


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New Phone System - Service & Monthly Costs