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New Phone System

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New Phone System

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New Phone System Products

New Phone System Products

E System Sales, Inc, main objective is to provide new small business phone system sales.

Our suggestion to our customers looking to purchase a phone system is purchase a complete phone system starter kit at a reduced bundled price.

NEC Starter Kits

Panasonic Starter Kits

Vodavi Starter Kits

Instead of piecing a phone system together that in the long run might not work for you or grow to meet your potential growth needs.  This is how we have made purchasing a business small business telephone system EZ.  After careful consideration we have assembled many different small business telephone system starter kits and system bundles that will meet the needs of most small to mid sized business and meet your company's growth rate to as many as 96 telephones X 48 incoming lines. 

We have been tremendously successful with the NEC small business telephone systems in a business environment as the NEC has a lot of great small business features like call forwarding from a voice mail or automated attendant greeting.  Panasonic has a great phone system for smaller applications like restaurants, small stores, and is a great home phone system that has a Public Address system for paging through all telephones in the house.  the Vodavi is also a great small busines telephone system to meet the needs of small to mid size business with the need of less system features.

E System Sales, Inc. has most every business phone product available from replacement phones, system hardware, and complete phone system starter kits and system bundles from most manufacturers.  E System Sales, Inc. works with warehouses all over the company that are full of most every brand of business phones and equipment.

New Phone System Starter Kits

Start you business down the right path of success today with a complete business phone system starter kit system bundle.  Kits available starting with a 3 phone kit for $749 with out voice mail to a 24 phone kit with voice mail priced  at $4599.

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New Phone System Products